Slavic Rolls

Food type: 
  • Dessert
  • Eastern European
The BOMB !!! Nutella & Bavarian Cream & Turkish Coffee.
Average price per person: 
Min $ for catering call-out: 
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Slavic Rolls offers a great tasting pastry, made fresh in front of customers from a company that doesn’t believe healthy food has to taste bad or be boring.

They are a pastry dessert, ribbon wound around a wooden cylinder, rolled in sugar and cinnamon. The pastry is baked on a slowly turned rotisserie oven, above an open fire. As it bakes,it caramelizes the sugar,giving off irresistible aroma and addictive taste. We add a variety of flavours inside of the roll such as Nutella , Lemon , Bavarian Creme , Apple Pie, Blueberry, Raspberry,Banana and Strawberry Glaze,etc.

Also we are serving famous Turkish Coffee.